Chemfree® Critter Ridder® Animal Repellent - 3 kg

Model #: 22-3242CAN

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  • Item #22-3242CAN
  • Repels Cats, Dogs, Groundhogs, Raccoons, and Skunks
  • Lasts up to 30 days
  • Best Used if Sprinkled Around a Perimeter or as a Spot Treatment
  • For Indoor or Outdoor Use
Cannot Ship To: NL, ON, QC

Model #22-3242CAN

Proven to Repel:


Best-Selling Granular Animal Repellent

Protect your lawn, garden and landscaping from animal damage with Critter Ridder® Animal Repellent Granular from Havahart®.

Critter Ridder®’s patented formula has been proven to repel groundhogs, skunks, dogs, cats, raccoons, and other nuisance animals. It’s easy-to-use, effective and economical. Just adjust the shaker lid to sprinkle the desired amount of Critter Ridder® around the area you want to protect.  For full perimeter protection, you can sprinkle it along a garden path or around a flower bed, or for a more targeted approach you can spot-treat areas around ornamental plants, trees or shrubs, and even trash bags to keep unwanted pests away. Critter Ridder® can also be used indoors around potted plants and non-living areas such as basements, cellars, storage areas, sheds and barns. Inside or outside, Critter Ridder® delivers longer-lasting protection up to 30 days! Made with all-natural ingredients that repel through scent, taste, and touch, Critter Ridder® is OMRI® Listed and compliant for use in organic gardening. Drive nuisance animals away the easy way with Critter Ridder®, the most-effective and #1 selling multi-species animal repellent marketing America.


Patented and Proven Formula Effectively Repels up to 5 Nuisance Animals

Critter Ridder® Animal Repellent Granular Shaker effectively repels dogs, cats, groundhogs, raccoons, and skunks using powerful scent and taste deterrents, including oil of black pepper, piperine and capsaicin. This powerful combination of active, all-natural ingredients works to irritate the animal immediately when it smells, tastes or touches it. This unpleasant experience drives the animal away unharmed, yet unwilling to return to the treated area. While Critter Ridder® effectively repels animals, its scent is not offensive to humans.

Critter Ridder - Repels 5 Common Animals
Repels 5 Common Animals
One Application Lasts Up to 30 Days

Critter Ridder® delivers longer-lasting protection than other competitive brands. Just one application of this unique rain-resistant animal repellent protects up to 120 square feet and provides up to 30 days of protection, while other brands require more frequent application. For a more time-saving and economical repelling solution, choose Critter Ridder®.

Critter Ridder
Model # 22-3242CAN
Presentation Granules
Size (Weight) 3 kg
Coverage Area 36 m2
Bottle Type Canister with Shaker/Scoop Cap
Bottle Dimensions Height: 254mm | Diameter: 76.2mm

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