ElectroBraid® Horse Gate Kit

Model #: GHWKRW-EB

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  • (1) Gate Handle
  • (1) Wood Post Gate Handle Anchor
  • (1) Polybraid Splicer
  • (1) Roller Insulator
  • (4) 2-1/2 inch heavy-duty screws
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ElectroBraid® Horse Gate Kit

The ElectroBraid® horse gate kit allows you to create an entry up to 20 feet wide without the expense of a traditional gate and the labor involved with stabilizing a gate post.

  • Creates a safe, cost-effective 15- to 20-foot electric horse gate
  • Includes high-quality components that work with the ElectroBraid® fence system
  • Rubber gate handle withstands very low temperatures and external stresses
  • Allows easy access for heavy equipment
  • One gate kit required for every strand of fence

Using gate handles for a cost effective gate

ElectroBraid® horse gate kits allow you to use economical gate handles to create a convenient entrance in your ElectroBraid® fence, allowing access you to move equipment in or out of paddocks for seeding or fertilizing.


How many ElectroBraid® horse gate kits will I need?

For each gate opening you intend to install, you will require one ElectroBraid® horse gate kit for every strand of ElectroBraid® used in your fence. Each kit includes:

  • (1) gate handle
  • (1) screw-in gate handle anchor for wood post
  • (1) ElectroBraid® poly Braid splicer
  • (1) ElectroBraid® roller insulator
  • (2) ElectroBraid® 2-1/2-inch heavy-duty insulator screws

Installation Instructions for the Latch Side of Gate:

  1. Wire the gate as described in the ElectroBraid® Installation Manual <link> in the section titled “Wiring Gates”.
  2. Install the gate handle anchor on the gate post at the same height as each strand of Braid™.
  3. Use a short length of ElectroBraid® copper lead-out wire to jump from each strand of Braid™ to each gate anchor.

Installation Instructions for the Hinged Side of Gate:

  1. Install the ElectroBraid® roller insulator on the “hinged” side of the gate post at the same height as the opposing strand.
  2. Attach a length of Braid™ (about the width of the gate) to the roller insulator using the poly Braid splicer.
  3. Hook the gate handle onto the gate handle anchor. Secure the Braid™ to the spring inside the gate handle by taking two wraps around the spring and securing with a poly braid splicer.

NOTE: When using trees as a fence post, mount gate anchor on a 2 in x4 in and attach it to the tree to prevent damage from tree growth.

There’s a reason ElectroBraid® is America’s #1 Horse Fence

Even the smallest ElectroBraid® fencing components are made for convenience, performance and durability. That’s the peace of mind that comes from choosing the ElectroBraid® fencing system. Use ElectroBraid® as a permanent perimeter fence or a movable fence for rotational grazing. ElectroBraid® is SAFE, SECURE and SIMPLE.

ElectroBraid® Braid will not rust, rot, lose strength due to sunlight or weathering, break when installed as a permanent fence or prove defective in workmanship or material. Any reel of ElectroBraid® Braid that is defective will be replaced at no charge to the purchaser. This warranty is in effect for 25 years from the date of purchase.


ElectroBraid® Horse Gate Kit - Specifications

Kit Includes:
  • (1) Gate Handle
  • (1) Wood Post Gate Handle Anchor
  • (1) Polybraid Splicer
  • (1) Roller Insulator
  • (4) 2-1/2 inch heavy-duty screws
  • ElectroBraid® is Americas #1 Horse Fence - Safe, Secure and Simple to install

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