Havahart® Feral Cat Trap Rescue Kit - 2 Pack

Model #: B1099

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Havahart® Feral Cat Trap Rescue Kit - 2 Pack

Havahart® Feral Cat Trap Rescue Kit - 2 Pack

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  • Item #B1099 - 2-Pack!
  • Best Used For: Cats
  • Dimensions Each: 32” x 10.5” x 12.5”
  • Each Set Includes: Steel Cage Traps with Back Door; Divider; Back Door Hook, Burlap Cover
  • Constructed of Galvanized Steel

Model #1099

Best Used For:


Best-Selling Feral Cat Trap Rescue Kit

The Havahart® Feral Cat Trap Rescue Kit is easy to set, bait, and release. Collapsible live cat trap—pops up in seconds. Kit includes; rescue cat trap, cage divider, cover, door hook, and complete cat trap instructions.

Rescue Collapsible Cat Trap: This cat trap is 32 x 10.75 x 12.75 when assembled. Constructed of sturdy rust-resistant wire mesh with steel reinforcements for long life, our cat trap is galvanized for maximum resistance to rust and corrosion. Collapsible design for space saving storage!

Cage Divider: The divider of this cat trap allows the cage to be used as a feeding and watering area. Slide it through the cage mesh, open the door and place food or water in the cat trap.

Burlap Cover: Helps camouflage the cat trap and soothes the cat once it is trapped.

1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Havahart® stands behind the quality of its traps with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty. Learn more here »

Havahart Trap - Model #1099
Model # 1099
Dimensions 32" x 10.5" x 12.5"
Weight 12.48 lbs.
Material Galvanized Steel; One-Piece 12-Gage Wire Mesh
Door Type 1 Spring-Loaded Door; 1 Hinged Mesh Back Door
Setting Mechanism 1-Step Easy Set® Lever
Animals Feral Cats, Stray Cats

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Most Recent Customer Reviews

Review Rate
Review posted on www.woodstreambrands.ca
September 6, 2018
Watch the YouTube video if you haven't ever used a trap before By Diana

Forget the written instructions for this trap. They are pretty much usless. Instead go online to YouTube and watch the video for this particular trap. Traps work well once you can figure out how they get put together. Oh, since these are wife traps, I recommend a small dish to put the food in. Better than leaving the food on the ground if you have to move the cage(s).

Review Rate
Review posted on www.woodstreambrands.ca
July 4, 2018
Good trap. By Dottie

The 2 door trap works well. The first one was a little difficult to set up as the trip bar had gotten tangled in the cage apparently en-route. I would suggest finding a way to keep the rear door open, as it falls down and can stick on the cage, making it hard for animals to escape. Not a big deal to hold open for a feral cat, but a potential issue should you catch a raccoon or possum. A good trap that does what it is designed for.

Review Rate
Review posted on www.woodstreambrands.ca
May 31, 2018
The only way to safely and humanely catch feral cats. By Deb

What a great product! I have two feral cats who had kittens under my porch. I was able to trap the male, but mama is cage smart. I have started to feed the pair in the cages on the regular (without being set to close).they are becoming more comfortable with the traps so I'm sure I will get the mama for my next vet appointment. The traps are so easy to assemble, My on concern is that the bars are unfinished, wear gloves when setting and assembling the taps.

Review Rate
Review posted on www.woodstreambrands.ca
April 26, 2018
Skeptical into must have! By Cat Free

At the end of my rope with feral cats taking over my yard and using it for a litter box. Trying everything I can to keep them away with it only seeming to get worse I thought what have I got to lose. Bought two traps baited with little tuna and two weeks later we are up to ten feral’s being caught(well, actually 9, one cat with collar who we released

Review Rate
Review posted on www.woodstreambrands.ca
March 26, 2018
Easy to use, easy to store! By AnimalHouse

Great traps and saves space when not using? Working to help our local feral cat colonies we often need several traps at the same time but storing them when not in use was a pain. With the collapsible traps it solves that issue. Additionally have a back door for ease in feeding, releasing or moving to a carrier makes this a perfect trap.

Review Rate
Review posted on www.woodstreambrands.ca
February 20, 2018
good and useful purchase By Vladimir

I bought two traps 1099 model. They work pretty well and it was easy to set them in working position directly from the box. The back door of one of them was a bit too long and it was difficult to open and close it. So I had to use a grinder to cut outstanding wires shorter. This is all what I can say negative about this useful device. i appreciated a piece of cloth that comes together with a trap. It is dark and porous enough for ventilation. In the summer this feature will be especially important for the cats' comfort. Over all - thanks for good buy.

Review Rate
Review posted on www.woodstreambrands.ca
January 24, 2018
Very good traps. They work right and are inexpensive. By Howard

The traps are sturdy and work just right. I was concerned when I unpacked the two traps I purchased. The ends were curved and I didn't know if that was the way it was packed, or something happened during shipping. However, after setting up the traps, they were just fine. I recommend having strong needle nose pliers ready so you can adjust the trip mechanism bar where it connects to the front door. I had to adjust both traps for the right sensitivity. I have used traps from other makers though, and they always need adjustment too, so this is normal. I recommend including instructions about this adjustment, because not everyone would know how to do this correctly. I have zero complaints about the traps. The price was very good for two traps and two dividers. I do have a complaint about the burlap covers. They had a strong smell and after airing them out for a week outside, I ended up tossing them. I believe you could wash them in diluted vinegar, but I have dark sheets that I use for trapping anyway, so no loss.

Review Rate
Review posted on www.woodstreambrands.ca
January 23, 2018
Catching the right one at the he right time. By Johniebegood.

The trap catches everything including the one not going yet? It's a learning experience. We have brought in Farrell mother and babies so there not out side getting pregnant first heat and all but we were only ketching the babies. There are 4 + 2 from previous litter. One not healthy and nothing we could do according to vet so we said good buy crying. Others are ok but in order to trap and get to the vet, sense all but one won't come close or be handled we have learned we need to separate when possible to get the primary mom first in, using food. Not easy she is so smart. Anyway with the Havahart trap we stand a good chance to get all fixed and back out side to play again. Thank you for such a great products to help with our fur friends that are so cute. Would be nice it your site could except pic of them?

Review Rate
Review posted on www.woodstreambrands.ca
January 9, 2018
good mechanical skills to assemble... By Dr. John Layton

Although I very good product; it comes in a flat box and you have to put it together. The instructions are not very clear nor precise. I figured it out and got it done, but I am far from the average person. Any average person would have great difficulty assembling the trap based on these very incomplete & lacking instructions. Because of this I would only recommend these to any experienced person or someone with good mechanical attitude.

Review Rate
Review posted on www.woodstreambrands.ca
January 7, 2018
Works great, no sharp edges, good price. By FireMom

The set up instructions for this trap are incomplete, but once you get it set, it works amazingly well. I disagree with anyone who says there are sharp edges. Even triggering the trap on my arm to test it caused no damage to my mature skin. I was happy to be able to transport a feral mom and her kittens to the local shelter. She has been neutered and released, and the babies are up for adoption. So glad this product is available and at such a low price. Thank you.

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