Perky-Pet® 3 Tier Standard Red & Brass Wild Bird Feeder - 4 lb Seed Capacity

Model #: RB300334

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Attracting seed eating birds that cling to or perch on a feeder. The 3 Tier Standard Perky-Pet® wild bird feeder’s three levels of dining space make it the perfect feeder to host a ton of birds from the same feeder.

NO/NO® 3 Tier Standard Red & Brass Wild Bird Feeder

Perky-Pet® 3 Tier Standard Red & Brass Wild Bird Feeder

The 3 Tier Standard Perky-Pet® Wild Bird Feeder’s three levels of dining space make it the perfect feeder to host a ton of birds from one feeder. This beautiful brass and red feeder will add a pop of color to your yard or garden and attract a variety of birds.

Without the use of plastic or wood components, the all-over metal mesh construction of the 3 Tier Standard Perky-Pet® Wild Bird Feeder resists squirrel damage. The mesh makes a good landing place for clinging birds, while perching birds can feed from the attached perch or tray.

Up to 15 birds can enjoy feeding from the 3 Tier Standard Perky-Pet® Wild Bird Feeder at the same time. Its large 4-pound seed capacity will ensure your feathered friends do not go hungry, while the attached tray keeps stray seed from falling to the ground.


The low-maintenance 3 Tier Standard Perky-Pet® collapsible mesh bird feeder is easy to clean and when not in use, is able to collapse for easy storage. We recommend cleaning this Perky-Pet® Red & Brass bird feeder once every two weeks. Start by getting rid of excess seed in the feeder, then wash with a mild soap and water solution. The attached handle is perfect to hang with a Perky-Pet® 33" Hanging Chain or from a Perky-Pet® Pole or Hook.

Its high-quality construction, premium materials, and patented design make the 3 Tier Standard Perky-Pet® Wild Bird Feeder a long-lasting addition to your backyard birding experience. is the top destination to find quality Wild Bird Feeders and Accessories. Perky-Pet® and K-Feeders wild bird products are trusted brands to bird lovers everywhere. Interact with nature, relax and build memories that last a lifetime by conveniently ordering from Happy Bird Feeding!


Perky-Pet® 3 Tier Standard Red & Brass Wild Bird Feeder - Specifications

Product Features:

  • No plastic, No wood
  • 4 pounds black oil sunflower seed or safflower seed capacity
  • Premium materials and high-quality components
  • Attracts both clinging and perching birds
  • Feeds up to 15 birds at one time

What's in the Box:

  • 1 Perky-Pet® bird feeder


  • 4 pounds black oil sunflower seed capacity
How to Clean Your Perky-Pet® Bird Feeders
Keeping Your Perky-Pet Seed Feeder Squirrel Free

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Most Recent Customer Reviews

Review Rate
Review posted on
April 25, 2018
Fantastic colourful feeder By Birdlover2

Love this feeder. Great bright colour. Have attracted nut hatches, finches, red polls, chickadees, a female cardinal and they all perch in their on space on the feeder. I find it easy to fill while still hanging on the hook, just pop one side of the top open and dump in with seed scoop. Holds a lot of seeds and folds for easy storage. Very durable against the squirrels. Overall I would buy again and would definitely recommend your company for purchase.

Review Rate
Review posted on
January 6, 2017
Perfect Black Oil Sunflower Seed Feeder By Little Birdie
I have always wanted to have a black oil sunflower seed feeder because I have always heard/read that this type of seed attracts a variety of birds and they weren't kidding! So this past Christmas I was kindly given this No/No bird feeder and I could not be more happy with it.

One of my favorite things about this bird feeder is that it is entirely made of metal. You can't hardly find any good quality metal bird feeders without it including wood/plastic parts. You can tell that this bird feeder will last a long time (at least I hope).

I really love that it has two places for the birds to perch as well as metal mesh that the birds can eat the sunflower seeds through. It generally prevents a lot of overcrowding which commonly occurs with birds around food. The birds seem to really enjoy that, especially the finches and cardinals. Oh and I love the color of the bird feeder, too! The brass handle and perch compliment the red color nicely and goes well with my other yellow No/No tube feeder.

This bird feeder holds not too little, not too much bird seed.. and that's perfect (in my opinion) because there will be less seeds that may spoil, the bird feeder is not as heavy, and it keeps enough to where I would only have to refill it maybe once every week (maybe).

Refilling this bird feeder can be kind of tricky because this bird feeder is collapsable. It may require an extra set of hands, one pair to hold the bird feeder to prevent it from collapsing and one pair to fill up the bird feeder. But I believe that it can be done with just one person, you'll just have to experiment.

As far as squirrels bothering my feeder, I haven't had any problems with them yet (knocks on wood).. and we have two ground squirrels that frequently come to our house (because we feed them corn and black oil sunflower seeds on the ground) but they haven't caused any trouble.

I hope to have this feeder for a long time!
Review Rate
Review posted on
January 5, 2016
Awesome Bird Feeder! By Kimmy790
I love this bird feeder! I bought one two years ago and it still looks beautiful- very little fading and no damage. Extremely sturdy and yet light and easy to fill. I keep my feeders out year round and have squirrels swinging from them daily, but they have not been able to bring this feeder down. The birds love the feeder and It attracts all kinds of song birds including cardinals. Even red-headed woodpeckers feed from this. I use a premium song bird seed from the grocery store and it works great in the feeder. I recently bought a second one. Can not beat the quality for the price! Ordering was easy and I received the product very quickly.
Review Rate
Review posted on
April 26, 2014
no no birds :( By
I bought this feeder 2 weeks ago and was very excited about having a more robust, bigger feeder. But...not one bird has yet to visit it. I tried hanging the old feeder beside it a couple of days later, now the squirrels are back at the old feeder and still nothing at the No No ;( Even with the migratory birds coming through, no luck yet.
Review Rate
Review posted on
October 30, 2013
Birds Love this High Quality Feeder By
This is my first experience with No/No mesh feeders and I can't be happier. This is a quality built feeder that folds flat when not in use. Make sure you have a substantial hanger or pole that can handle the amount of seed you'll be adding. A little awkward to initially fill.... but no big deal. I cant believe the amount of activity this feeder attracts. The birds seem to love grabbing onto the mesh and picking out the sunflower seeds, and the bottom pan catches anything they might drop. I also bought a clear dome to protect the seeds from the elements.The activity this feeder has attracted, over my old one, is amazing. Definitely worth the money.
Review Rate
Review posted on
August 8, 2013
Amazon Review, The Best Bird Feeder By
I don't know how many bird feeders we have purchased over the years, have finally found the best. First off it is so easy to fill, the seeds are not being knocked out on the ground, saving more than I can say. We make fewer trips to the feed store. We use black oiled sunflower seeds and the birds have no trouble. We could not be more pleased. Thanks Amazon for offering such a great product.
Review Rate
Review posted on
June 8, 2013
Amazon Review, Great Feeder By
I love this feeder it's easy to fill, the rain goes right through the mesh, so no moldy seed. The squirrels still get on it and eat the seed, nothing I have tried can beat them at their game, but at least they cannot chew it to pieces. Will buy a No No feeder again!
Review Rate
Review posted on
May 22, 2013
Amazon Review, No/No Red feeders are the best! By
Great little feeder! I live in north central Texas on an 1800 acre working farm, so we have a lot of birds all year. They love this feeder and all the No/No Red feeders I have. Hands down, if you are a bird lover, you will like these feeders.
Review Rate
Review posted on
April 13, 2013
Amazon Review, very sturdy bird feeder. By
I've used no-no bird feeders for over 7 years. One is still in use, the other needed replacement due to the over exuberance of raccoons. Squirrels can and do eat from the feeders but do them no harm, they just hang on and eat one seed at a time like the birds. Raccoons are a problem and I swear they play football with the feeders, one was so bent I finally replaced it. When the raccoons are persistent I just remove the feeders at night and put them back out in the daytime. These are well made and worth the money spent.
Review Rate
Review posted on
November 27, 2012
Amazon Review, Very well made By
This feeder will out last any that are on the market. The thing is engineered quite well. The birds get with it right away. The only draw back is that some seed falls out. Most feeders have this problem. This is a unit worth your attention. I think you and the birds will be happy. The squirrel .....not so thrilled....yeh.
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