Perky-Pet® “Perky’s Finest” 8 oz Top Fill Glass Hummingbird Feeder

Model #: 130TF

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Providing high energy nectar for hummingbirds and effortless filling for you!
Best used for:
Allen's Hummingbird
Allen's Hummingbird
Rufous Hummingbird
Rufous Hummingbird
Ruby-throated Hummingbird
Ruby-throated Hummingbird
Anna's Hummingbird
Anna's Hummingbird
The Perky-Pet® Top Fill Hummingbird Feeder is Easy to Use Feeding the hungry hummingbirds has never been easier than with the Perky-Pet® 8 oz Top Fill Glass Hummingbird Feeder. Featuring patented Top Fill technology, this feeder can be easily filled by removing the cap and pouring 8 oz of nectar into the top. Plus, the wide mouth opening prevents messes and spills as the nectar is poured! To attract more hummingbirds, this feeder features four soft, flower-shaped feeding to provide a more natural feeding experience. To protect the feeder from unwanted insect invaders, there is a convenient, built-in ant moat. After hanging the feeder, just sit back and enjoy as these iridescent beauties begin flocking to your yard.
Perky-Pet® Top Fill Hummingbird Feeder
easy fill 8 oz hummingbird feeder
Clear, Wide Mouth Bottle with Top Fill Technology The easy-to-fill wide mouth top ensures that there will be no spilling when filling! The unique Top Fill feature means that you will no longer have to invert your hummingbird feeders after filling - simply pour, replace the cap and you’re ready to go. The clear, hardened glass container also allows for easy monitoring of nectar levels at a glance.
Wide Mouth 8 oz hummingbird feeder
built-in ant moat
Keep Out Insects If ants are typically a nuisance at your feeder, worry no more! This feeder features a built-in ant moat to keep them at bay. Just pour water on the lid of your feeder to block those pesky ants from the nectar!
130TF Base Detail
Multiple Ports for Simultaneous Feeding Hummingbirds will be attracted to the bright red colors and soft, natural feel of the flower-shaped feeding ports. Additionally, this feeder features four feeding stations so that multiple hummingbirds can perch and dine simultaneously.
130TF Hummingbird Feeder
Designed to Ensure Ease of Cleaning The wide mouth bottle is convenient for more than just filling – it also makes it easier to clean every square inch of the bottle. Additionally, the feeder comes apart completely to allow thorough cleaning of every piece. Your hummingbirds will be happy to imbibe from a feeder that is consistently clean and fresh.
Ease of Cleaning
Five Stars “I think this is one of the best feeders I have. easy to clean and refill. We have some hummingbirds spend winter here in Dublin CA. They fight for the feeders and one will control all the feeders within his sight. I put this in the corner of our yard in the blind spot of that dominant hummingbird. But it is visible to birds when they fly by my yard. They will come one by one feed and leave because there is no resting place on this feeder and no tree to stand on to overlook it. As a result this is the most accessed by lots of hummers, a truly public property.” Read More Reviews »
Perky-Pet® 8 oz Top Fill Glass Hummingbird Feeder Product Details Do you want to know more helpful details about the Top Fill Glass Hummingbird Feeder? Take a closer look at the in-depth specifications for this product. Complete Product Details »
Perky-Pet® 8 oz Top Fill Glass Hummingbird Feeder
Model # 130TF
Height 7 inches
Diameter 5 inches
Capacity 8 oz
Port Number 4
Materials Glass, plastic
Learn More About Hummingbirds Do you want to know about these tiny, amazing birds? We have dozens of articles and resources, as well as an online library filled with information about various kinds of hummingbirds.
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Perky-Pet® “Perky’s Finest” 8 oz Top-Fill Glass Hummingbird Feeder - Specifications

Attracting, feeding and enjoying hummingbirds is so easy with our top-fill hummingbird feeder.

Product Features:

  • Convenient Top-Fill design
  • No need to invert!
  • 4 soft, life-like flower feeding ports
  • Wide mouth top for easy filling
  • Hardened glass container

What's in the Box:

  • 1 Top-Fill Hummingbird Feeder (Model #130TF)


  • 8 oz nectar capacity

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Your satisfaction with our bird feeders and service is our top priority!

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Most Recent Customer Reviews

Review Rate
Review posted on
September 30, 2017
8oz top fills are a big plus! By Cactus

The 8oz. Top Fill feeder is the perfect fit for our back yard. We have several feeders set up at all times. We were using the "Pinch Waist" feeders with the little perches exclusively but they keep getting clogged with bees in the warmer weather and other birds keep tipping them and draining the food. So to help alleviate those problems I bought two of the top fill feeders. The top fill feeders do not have the perches , but they do not have the bee and other bird problems either. The hummingbirds seem to favor them more as well. That is a big plus! They are easy to clean and refill. We still use the "Pinched Waist" feeders but are favoring the "Top Fill". It would be great if Perky-Pet could some how add the perches to the "Top Fill" feeders too, and maybe add a threaded bottom in place of the snap bottom. Just some thoughts!

Review Rate
Review posted on
May 28, 2017


Review Rate
Review posted on
August 9, 2016
Easy to clean! By DCPr
I like how easy it is to disassemble and clean. No more black mold in the nectar. Better for the little guys.
Review Rate
Review posted on
July 4, 2016
Perfect size By beckaletta
I purchased this feeder 2 years ago. I do like the size and the appearance. It hangs on my front porch so we can enjoy the hummingbirds. My hummers seem to like it. My only complaint is the feeding stations. They are impossible to clean. I wish there were replacements. I have 2 other Perky-Pet hummingbird feeders and l love them They are easy to clean and have replacement parts.
Review Rate
Review posted on
June 25, 2016
Shoddy design By David
This feeder is useless as there is no gasket seal between the top and bottom of the base, which comes apart for cleaning. About three minutes after I filled it (and this happened several times), it drained itself dry. Eight ounces of nectar gone. This is the last of many Perky-Pet hummingbird feeders I will buy. They've all had problems in quality and have been very difficult to clean thoroughly. And some were ignored completely by hummingbirds. A waste of $20.
Response From Woodstreambrands
Patty : Consumer Relations Representative
Hello David,

We apologize for this experience and would like the opportunity to make it right. When the parts of the base are snapped together and the bottle is tightly secured to the base, the feeder should not be leaking.

This feeder is covered by a one year warranty. Please contact our Consumer Relations Team at 1-855-PERKYPET (1-855-737-5973) for additional assistance.
Review Rate
Review posted on
November 14, 2015
Perky-Pet top fill feedeer By Charlie
So terribly disappointed as the nectar flows out of this feeder and thus is useless. I was so hopeful.
Response From Woodstreambrands
Lauren : Consumer Relations Representative
Hello Charlie,

Thank you for sharing this feedback. This feeder is designed with a float built into the base to prevent excess nectar from leaking out. As the base fills up, the float will rise, preventing the nectar from exiting the flower ports. We apologize if this was not your experience and would like to learn more.

Please feel free to contact our Consumer Relations Team at 1-855-PERKYPET (1-855-737-5973) for additional assistance.
Review Rate
Review posted on
August 18, 2015
HUmmingbird heavan By clsienk
We are very happy with our purchase, but not as near happy as the hummingbirds in our yard!
Review Rate
Review posted on
July 2, 2015
great feature top-fill By grammalo
This feeder has soft plastic feeders that are prone to mold requiring lots of fussy cleaning, so its a trade off on the easy fill. Probably won't buy again
Response From Woodstreambrands
Kelly : Consumer Relations Representative

The flowers on the feeder are designed to removable for easy cleaning. They can be washed with mild soap and warm water. We recommend cleaning the feeder weekly and more often in warmer weather.

Thank you for taking the time to share this feedback. We apologize for this experience and hope that this information is helpful. Our Consumer Relations Team can be reached at 1-855-PERKYPET (1-855-737-5973) with any additional questions.
Review Rate
Review posted on
August 22, 2014
Amazon Review By
This feeder works quite nicely. If you don't want a push-pull feeder, this fills just as easily. We are hanging this one on a multiple hook post with other flowers that the hummingbirds enjoy. It is small enough that it isn't hidden by the hanging baskets and the flowers helped to get the birds started on the feeder. Works perfectly!
Review Rate
Review posted on
July 21, 2014
Amazon Review By
It's nice that I don't have to turn this over when I'm done filling it and can add more nectar (I would only add fresh nectar to fresh nectar) without creating a mess. Initially the birds did not drink from it because they prefer our original one with a perch which is nearby. They began using it after the other one ran out of nectar and now use both. Our hummers don't share so it helps that there are two feeders. Also, this one has a built-in ant well while I had to buy one for the other.
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All About Hummingbirds:

Discover more about the birds visiting your feeders at Perky Pet®s Learning Center section and then visit the Articles for helpful articles, tips and more insights on feeding birds. Sign up for our email newsletter to get news, coupons and special deals delivered straight to your inbox.

These articles may help you get to know hummingbirds:


Wild Bird Feeders - Expert Tips

Hanging Your Feeder

  • Ideally a sheltered southeastern exposure location is best for hanging bird feeders since birds like to feed in the sun and out of the wind. Birds also prefer not to have any obstructions over their feeding area so they can see any predators. more»


  • Bird Baths - A clean and reliable water source is an excellent way to attract birds to your yard, especially those birds that do not necessarily eat seed or nectar. All birds will seek out a water supply, not only for drinking but also for keep themselves clean and healthy.
  • Bird Houses - These are a good way to attract those species of birds that nest in holes. These structures should be made of an untreated wood (pine, cedar, etc.) and should have ventilation and drainage holes. It should be durable, and easy to check and clean. more»

Feeder Care

  • Keeping your feeder clean and full of fresh bird seed is very important to the health of visiting birds. It is recommended that you clean your wild bird feeder every two weeks. more»

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: This is my first Top Fill Hummingbird feeder, what are some good tips to filling and cleaning my new feeder?

A: Follow the steps on the chart for best filling and cleaning tips.

Q: I typically get a lot of ants around my hummingbird feeders, what can I do to prevent them from getting to the nectar?

A: No worries, with this top fill feeder - it has a built in ant moat right in the lid of the feeder. After filling your feeder and hanging, simply pour a small amount of water in the top of the lid.

Q: What criteria should I use when selecting a hummingbird feeder?

A: Make sure it is one that will be easy to clean and fill, especially since you will need to clean the feeder every few days. If you are worried about bees and wasps or ants invading the feeder, purchase a hummingbird feeder with bee guards, such as the Perky-Pet model #203CP or ant guards, Perky-Pet model #242.

Q: How do I clean my hummingbird feeders?

A: Hummingbird feeders need to be cleaned every 1-2 weeks. Use hot water and a bottle brush, along with mild soap; be sure to rinse thoroughly. The Perky-Pet cleaning mop is specifically designed for the purpose of cleaning hummingbird feeders, and is very convenient to use. This cleaning mop can also be used on seed feeders and oriole feeders for those small, tight spaces that are difficult to reach.

Q: What is the importance of providing water for hummingbirds?

A: Hummingbirds need fresh, clean water just as much as they need nectar. Hummingbirds stay healthy by using water not just for drinking, but also bathing, cleaning their feathers and to remove parasites. Waterers are better options than bird baths because they provide hummingbirds with fresh, clean water that prevents dirt and debris from contaminating it. In hotter climates or seasons, providing water for hummingbirds makes it easy for them to have access to a water source and retain their energy.

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