Havahart® Small 2-Door Animal Trap - 3 Pack

Model #: b1025-3

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Havahart® Small 2-Door Animal Trap - 3 Pack

Havahart® Small 2-Door Animal Trap - 3 Pack

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  • Item #B1025-3: 3 Pack!
  • Best Used For: Chipmunks, Rats, Squirrels, and Weasels
  • Dimensions: 18” x 5” x 5”
  • Built-In Safety Features
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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Model #1025

Best Used For:


Designed For You by Trapping Professionals

The Havahart® Small 2-Door Live Animal Trap was designed by trapping experts for the most efficient humane rodent captures. It's carefully constructed so that small critters will not outsmart it - the trip plate is sensitive so that lightweight animals like chipmunks and rats can effectively trigger the door closed, and the mesh openings are much smaller than competing traps, so little critters can't steal the bait or escape.


Simple to Operate

You don't have to be a pro to use a Havahart® trap. This trap's already assembled out of the box, and its design allows trappers of all experience levels to capture, transport, and release small animals with ease.

Safe for You and the Animal

For You: A solid metal handle guard and solid doors protect you from contact with the animal, and the carrying handle allows you to hold the trap away from your body while an animal is inside.

For the Animal: Strong door locks keep animals safely in the cage, and smooth, rolled edges prevent anxious critters from injuring themselves during transport.

A Two-Door Trap is Quick and Versatile

A two-door trap allows you to create a clear path from one end of the trap to the other by setting it with both ends open. Place this trap against a wall or along an animal's path in order to capture it as it travels from either direction. In order to access the bait and get to the other end, a chipmunk or squirrel must step on the trigger plate, resulting in a catch.

Havahart® Means Built to Last

Havahart® builds strong, durable traps with premium materials, intended to endure harsh weather and unpredictable critters. This trap is constructed of industrial-strength one-piece wire mesh, which is galvanized for maximum resistance to rust and corrosion, ensuring more uses and a long trap life.

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Trap Length
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# of Doors
Set as 1 or 2-Door Trap
Easy Set® 1-Step Set & Release
Enlarged Handle
Galvanized Steel
Manufacturer's Warranty
1 Year
1 Year
1 Year
1 Year
1 Year
1 Year
1 year
1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Havahart® stands behind the quality of its traps with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty. Learn more here »

Made in the USA

Havahart® traps have been proudly manufactured in the US for over 70 years.

Free Feeder with Purchase

Try a FREE Hummingbird Feeder with your Purchase

This hanging bird feeder for hummingbirds is just perfect for hanging over a planter box to create an attractive environment sure to please the tiny gentle creatures. This feeder takes 3 oz. of nectar, is shatterproof, contains a built in bee guard and has a hanging rod for ease of placement. And it's yours free with the purchase of this live trap.

Havahart Trap - Model #1025-B
Model # 1025
Dimensions 18" x 5" x 5"
Weight 3.45 lbs.
Material Galvanized Steel; One-Piece 12-Gauge Wire Mesh
Door Type 2 Spring-Loaded Doors
Animals Chipmunks, Rats, Squirrels, and Weasels
Havahart Trap - Model #215P
Brand Perky Pet®
Model # 215P
Dimensions Height: 13" | Diameter: 5"
Material Shatterproof Plastic
Capacity 3 oz. Nectar

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Most Recent Customer Reviews

Review Rate
Review posted on www.woodstreambrands.ca
March 8, 2017
Havahart needs to improve its advice to novices! By James

Almost a month ago, black squirrels invaded my attic. My only solution is to trap and release them before closing their means of access. Having no experience in this field and after an extensive discussion with a Havahart agent, we mutually decided that this trap would be suitable. It is not! I have discovered that the traps [I bought 3] are too small for black squirrels. Despite being listed as a "squirrel trap" - it would have been a great help - if Havahart flagged it as: "not suitable for black or grey squirrels". I am now saddled with 3 useless traps and because my problem is unresolved, I have to make a second purchase of the larger "medium" traps.

Response From Woodstreambrands
Lauren : Consumer Relations Representative

Hello James,

Thank you for sharing this feedback. We apologize for this experience and would like to take this opportunity to make things right.

This squirrel trap is versatile and can be set with either one or two doors open. When set as a one door trap, the bait can be placed further back, which forces a longer animal such as a squirrel to fully enter the trap.

When baiting this trap, it is also recommended to secure the bait to the trap. This method of baiting will cause the animal to work harder to access the bait, remain in the trap long, and put more pressure on the trip plate, which can increase the chances of a successful catch.

We would like to learn more about this experience with this squirrel trap so we may offer additional assistance. Please feel free to contact our Consumer Relations Team at 1-855-5-HAVAHART (1-855-542-8242) with any questions.

Review Rate
Review posted on www.woodstreambrands.ca
January 13, 2017
Get the one door one! By UnhappysquirrelRatCatcher

I bought this item and tried it out for 10 days. The trap kept being triggered the food would be gone but no animal caught. Bought a one door trap by havahart and caught a rat and squirrel in one day! Definitely do not recommend!

Response From Woodstreambrands
Patty : Consumer Relations Representative

We are sorry to hear about this experience and are happy to provide assistance. This two-door trap can also be used as a one-door trap. Move the straight trigger arm behind the looped trigger arm, then flip the door lock down on the door attached to the straight trigger arm. Our traps are covered by a 30 day money back guarantee and a one year replacement warranty. Please contact our Consumer Relations Team at 1-855-5-HAVAHART (1-855-542-8242) for additional assistance.

Review Rate
Review posted on www.woodstreambrands.ca
December 20, 2016
Not for armidillos By David D

Adult armadillos can bend sides and door and get out. Need two door trap for armadillos, bit this is not the one. Very easy to set and is great at catching cats and opossums.

Review Rate
Review posted on www.woodstreambrands.ca
December 15, 2016
Great experiance! Short and sweet. By Rizzo
Caught four rats already !!
Review Rate
Review posted on www.woodstreambrands.ca
December 14, 2016
It works the first time By DonaldD

I just bought my first trap yesterday and dropped off a very large squirrel today in a park about 5 miles away. Used one door with peanuts and peanut butter. One thing to remember is to anchor the trap to the ground on 4 corners 1st otherwise the critter just knock the trap over - I used roofing staples. Very humane and quick !

Review Rate
Review posted on www.woodstreambrands.ca
November 15, 2016
Excellent design and value By Gils

I bought my trap in 2014 because chipmunks were burrowing next to my house. A neighbor feeds the birds which seems to draw chipmunks as well. In 2014 I captured and relocated 64 chipmunks. In 2015 I caught 44, and this year I caught 45. I am releasing them more than 7 miles away on the other side of at least two major highways so I am sure they are not returning to be caught more than once. Thanks for making a great product.

Review Rate
Review posted on www.woodstreambrands.ca
November 10, 2016
Love these traps By SDean
I really like the traps. I had to have a friend show me how to set them. They are easy to set, easy to carry once you capture pack rats, and they're easy to let the animal lose. I tried other traps, but these were the easiest to use.
Review Rate
Review posted on www.woodstreambrands.ca
October 22, 2016
Great product By Jbonno
I bought 6 small traps. Have been very happy with the results. Poduct
Very well constructed.
Review Rate
Review posted on www.woodstreambrands.ca
October 2, 2016
Great!!!!! By Jbonno

This is just what I needed . It worked great .

Review Rate
Review posted on www.woodstreambrands.ca
September 27, 2016
Worked great! By The Bear
Bought the 3 pack of traps for squirrels. Caught 6 in the first 3 days, but only one since. Think we're running out. Released all of them several miles away, unharmed and greatly relieved it seemed.
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