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  1. CDN$22


    Bird watchers who appreciate an easy-to-fill, easy-to-clean wild bird feeder. With a retractable cord that lowers feeder for filling, this 4-port wild bird feeder is innovative and easy to fill and clean!
  2. CDN$10


    Attracting and feeding hummingbirds. One of our shatterproof plastic bird feeders, this bright, cheery hummingbird feeder will attract the tiny birds for hours of birdwatching enjoyment.
  3. CDN$14


    Attracting hummingbirds. One of our hanging bird feeders, the Perky-Pet® Rose Petal™ Hummingbird Feeder features 4 built-in perches and an ant moat!
  4. CDN$26


    Feeding wild birds. This wild bird feeder has so many excellent features, it is truly one of our top feeders on the market.
  5. CDN$26


    • Multiple clinging birds can dine at one time
    • Durable powder-coated, all-metal mesh design
    • Mesh keeps seeds dry & fresh
    • 3 lb seed capacity
  6. CDN$39


    • 44 feeding ports for optimal nectar access
    • Revolutionary, new patented design
    • Feed dozens of hummers at once
    • Ports spaced to allow side-by-side feeding
    • Expertly designed to attract more hummers
    • Cutting edge horizontal orientation
  7. CDN$14


    Out of stock

    Attracting and feeding hummingbirds. The base acts as a funnel, so filling your Perky-Pet® Hummingbird Feeder has never been easier!
  8. CDN$21


    Out of stock

    • Lid can be used as a funnel for easy filling
    • Durable hardened glass container
    • 4 flower feeding ports with perches
    • Holds 10 oz of nectar
  9. CDN$28


    Out of stock

    • Perky-Pet® = No plastic, No wood
    • Circular perch & mesh attract clinging and perching birds
    • Zinc-plated finish offers rust-resistance for durability
    • Large overhang provides shelter and shade for birds
    • Collapsible design for space-saving storage when not in use
    • Holds up to 2.5 lb of seed
  10. CDN$23


    Out of stock

    Feed the wild birds. This extremely versatile bird feeder allows for a variety of birds to eat!
  11. CDN$22


    Out of stock

    • Attract more birds by offering seed or water
    • Base is interchangeable to serve either seed or water
    • Clear shatter resistant plastic
    • 1.5 lb seed capacity or 27 oz water capacity
  12. Bright and cheerful glass bottle
  13. Patented funnel base for easy filling
  14. 16 oz capacity
  15. 4 feeding ports
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