Victor® Metal Pedal Rat Trap - 12 Pack

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Victor® Metal Pedal Rat Trap - 12 Pack

Victor® Metal Pedal Rat Trap - 12 Pack

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  • Consistent quality from a century-old brand
  • Original wooden base wire snap trap with metal trip pedal
  • Uses wood from Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified forests
  • Over one billion traps sold


Victor® Metal Pedal Rat Trap - 12 Pack

The original wood-based wire snap trap, the Victor® Metal Pedal Rat Trap provides instant rodent control and is safe for household use. Trusted to control rats for over 100 years, this trap allows for clean and quick trapping - ideal for maximum rodent control.


Once a rodent triggers the metal petal, the trap immediately springs closed to eliminate the pest on contact. It can then be easily disposed of for quick and clean removal.

With superior quality and effectiveness, the Victor® rat trap has become the #1 selling trap in the world - with over 1 billion sold. Also, Victor® rat traps are the professionals’ trap of choice.

Victor® metal pedal rat traps are constructed from environmentally responsible, Forest Stewardship Council certified wood. Made in the USA!

The disposable rat traps are safe for use around food, water, children and pets. Victor® Metal Pedal Rat Traps are the perfect for use anywhere in the home. These mouse traps should be placed where rodents travel, such as along walls at 2 to 3 foot intervals.

Victor® – Innovative Rodent Control Solutions from the Company You’ve Trusted for Over 115 Years.


Victor® Metal Pedal Rat Trap - 12 Pack

FSC Certified
  • For clean and quick trapping
  • Easy to use
  • Can be used around kids and pets
  • Easy disposal
  • Non-toxic
  • Made environmentally responsible from Forest Stewardship Council® Certified wood
  • Provides visible proof of rodent capture
  •  12 traps

Made in the U.S.A.


Disclaimer: does not endorse any information contained in product reviews. Please follow all label instructions for your specific use.

Most Recent Customer Reviews

Review Rate
Review posted on
July 8, 2017
Good By Nip

Ordered me some Victor rat traps(SNAP traps) the otha week. Luvem. Nothin betta then working round me shop when its quiet and hearin a SNAP. Puts a big smile on me face every time. Thank u Victor traps for helpin me kill those dirty rats

Review Rate
Review posted on
June 15, 2017
Eat the bait right out of the traps By David

The Rats keep licking the peanut butter off the traps. They are outside my window and I watch them lick the bait right off......very frustrating ! I'll try the slim Jim trick.....hopefully that will do it or I wasted $25 on traps!

Response From Woodstreambrands
Susan : Consumer Relations Representative

Hello David,

We recommend using only a small amount of peanut butter when baiting this trap.  Often, a pea sized amount is all that is needed.  This prevents the rats from being able to quickly grab the bait and run without setting off the trap.

Please feel free to contact our Consumer Relations Team at 1-855-5-VICTOR (1-855-584-2867).  We apologize that the desired results were not seen and would like to offer additional assistance.

Review Rate
Review posted on
March 30, 2017
BOOM!! By bruno2000

Wow what a great product! I thought I needed a professional to get rid of my rat problem, but a few Victor rat traps get the job done. I don't know about other Victor products as the classic rat trap is my 1st purchase, but man does it work well! Just bait it with some peanut butter and these rodents don't stand a chance against the power of the kill bar. 10/10 product, thank you guys for providing us with such a cheap and effective way to make our lives better!

Review Rate
Review posted on
January 18, 2017
Victor - faster, more sensitive and deadly to Rats By Zonke
Tomcat or GoCat is the only brand stocked at my local Lowes and Home Depot so I bought a dozen Pedal Traps and half dozen with the "Kill Bar". The Victor traps work and the others are just feeding mechanisms for the rats. That Kill Bar does not mess around...wish more retailers stocked it because it does work.
Review Rate
Review posted on
November 8, 2016
These are the only ones that really work !! By Bassman
I tried others with pitiful results . These are what I was looking for longer available locally. I was thrilled with there success.
Review Rate
Review posted on
August 21, 2016
Bloody kill By Happy1737
I place three and within 24 hours death. I came home to bloody carnage. Trap did its Job very well.
Review Rate
Review posted on
October 21, 2015
The Best There is! By TheArtofanOutdoorsman
Hello all, my name is Blake Alma, I'm a expert in rat trapping. I'm a author/writer, host, and outdoor educator. I'm the founder of The Art of an Outdoorsman. I currently doing a video series called "The Power of a Rat Trap." It is on YouTube now and on my website.(, my channel) I'm also writing a new book about rat traps as well. So as for as rat (snap) traps go I'd absolutely say that Victor Pest is the way to go, far better than Tomcat! I not only use Victor rat traps to catch rats but chipmunks, squirrels, birds, and rabbits. If you are a small game hunter/trapper as me, well victor rat traps can trap just about anything. As far as Tomcat goes, I would not recommend them. One is because Victor was around first. Two because the quality of the trap is very poor, unlike Victor. Three is because the kill bar is not straight as it should be. Four the springs are weaker. Henceforth, Victor pest is far greater. So don't be them at tomcat but at!

Blake Alma
Founder of The Art of an Outdoorsman
Master Rat Trapper
Author of The Outdoorsmen Bible
Review Rate
Review posted on
October 14, 2015
Best Rat Trap! By vm54
Best & most humane trap! I don't like them to suffer! Killed 7 rats in 2 days...amazing!! What a terrible infestation we had, hopefully we got them all this time
Review Rate
Review posted on
January 26, 2015
My tomatoes were stolen! By
I had a great gardening season 2 years ago, and last year my tomatoes were disappearing, no idea what was stealing it, but there were rats out in the yard. I got 9 rats, and no more missing tomatoes. Best bait for this trap is slim jim's. a small piece slides right on the tab, and will not get licked off like peanut butter, and gets a rat each time. I've bought other brands, and still nothing yet.
Review Rate
Review posted on
April 27, 2014
Job Done! By
A few years back, my parents' house became infested with a family of rats. You could hear them running around in the attic, and occasionally see one in the laundry room, where the dog food was kept. Mom, being the compassionate sort, put out poisoned bait, figuring that this would be a more humane method for getting rid of these guys. It didn't work and we could still hear the rats in the attic at night. Early one evening, I placed a single trap in the dog-food bin. While enjoying a cup of coffee with my folks after dinner, we heard a nice, loud snap. One large male rat down. The following night, I set the second trap and some time later in the evening we got the (equally large) female. I used bacon for bait. Some years later, we were replacing the attic insulation and found the remnants of a rats nest, with the skeletal remains of some babies, so taking out those two prevented several generations from growing up and becoming an even bigger problem.
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Metal Pedal Rat Traps - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I set the trap?

A: An instruction sheet and video are available that will give detailed step-by-step instructions on how to bait, set, place and dispose of the rodent or Victor® Metal Pedal Rat Trap.

Click here to view the instruction sheet »

Click here to view the instruction video »

Q: How do I bait the trap?

A: An instruction sheet and video are available that will give detailed step-by-step instructions on how to bait the Victor® Metal Pedal Rat Trap.

Click here to view the instruction sheet »

Click here to view the instruction video »

Q: What is the best bait to use?

A: Individuals in a rodent population search for different types of food. For rats, anything like peanut butter, dry dog food, nuts, fruit or bacon is a great option. Try to use whatever bait the rodents are currently feeding on, but feel free to provide alternative choices as well.

Q: Can the trap be reused?

A: The Victor® Metal Pedal Rat Trap can be reused or disposed of. It is personal preference. Check the traps frequently to ensure the trap is emptied as soon as a rat is captured and the traps will last longer. Please note that for personal hygiene and biohazard awareness, disposable gloves should always be worn when installing or recovering any traps.

Q: Where can I buy the trap?

A:The trap can be bought at multiple retail locations and online at To find a store near you, please use our store locator. Click to access the Store Locator.

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