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Review posted on swww.woodstreambrands.ca
June 3, 2012
Failure By
While this feeder looks attractive the hummingbirds do not like it. I am using the same nectar as always, but they will not eat from this feeder.
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Review posted on swww.woodstreambrands.ca
January 7, 2009
Review Posted on Amazon.com By
I got this hummingbird feeder as a Christmas present for my mother. She was very pleased, as was I. It's aesthetically pleasing (my mom said it looked 'cool') and is easy to fill and hang, and because it's 16 oz, it's not one of the feeders you have to go outside and refill constantly. I'm very happy with it.The hummingbirds seem to be more attracted to it than their old feeder. I believe it's due to the plastic flowers. They seem to enjoy it, and we sure do enjoy watching them.
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Review posted on swww.woodstreambrands.ca
December 24, 2007
Review Posted on Amazon.com By
Yep. I'm not kidding. I have been looking for this "back-up" humming bird feeder for a years... and why in God's creation I never thought of going right off to Amazon is a tribute to my 20th century thinking. THIS IS THE BEST FEEDER. Period. Cleans up real nice. NEVER drips. All round fantastic and the price... such a deal. I'm buying three. Two for the "kids" and my back up. God Bless. Take care. Stay Safe. Merry Christmas. And rugged???? Did I mention RUGGED??? I've had mine for 4-5 years now. Trust me. Buy it.
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