What is Mosquito Season and When Does It Occur?

What is Mosquito Season and When Does It Occur?

Disease-carrying, blood-sucking insects are never invited to any get together, but they always find a way to ruin it. With over 3,000 species of mosquitoes on the planet and over 82 different species found in Canada, getting rid of these pests can seem like a daunting task once mosquito season begins.

Mosquito season occurs each year as the temperatures begin to rise above freezing. While some mosquitoes will be active year-round, most hibernate or allow their eggs to overwinter when temperatures dip below 10 degrees Celsius. To ensure your mosquito defenses are as effective as possible, use the information and tips below to prepare and keep these pests away.

Conditions Mosquitoes Love

Mosquitoes prefer warm, humid temperatures, ideally between 22 and 27 degrees Celsius, with access to water. Birdbaths, old tires, holes in the ground that fill with water, swimming pools, streams, and many other water sources naturally attract these insects. Female mosquitoes lay their eggs in these environments and can lay up to 100 eggs at a time. Now that’s a lot of mosquitoes.

Don’t worry. There are plenty of ways you can reduce the chances of mosquitoes using your property as a nesting ground. By following the steps below you can decrease the likelihood of hundreds of new mosquitoes being produced every few days.

  • Dispose of any trash or debris that can hold any amount of water
  • Turn over items you do not wish to dispose of to prevent them from holding water
  • Regularly clean gutters and unclog downspouts
  • Repair leaking faucets and air conditioners that drip for several days
  • Change water in birdbaths and wading pools at least once a week
  • Landscape your property to keep the ground even to prevent standing water accumulation

When Are Mosquitoes Most Active?

Of the 82 species of mosquitoes in Canada, they each follow a unique pattern of activity and prefer different times of the day to feed. Overall, most mosquito species are most active around dusk.

Most mosquitoes will avoid venturing out during the middle of the day when the sun and heat are highest. However, if a mosquito finds its way inside, they are protected from dehydration and are more likely to bite at any time.

How To Prepare

The key to preventing a horrible mosquito season is to take steps before it has a chance to get into full swing. By keeping your yard free of standing water, you can break the lifecycle of these pests to help keep populations down. Replace any screens on windows that have holes to ensure your home is as protected as possible. While this will help, it will not eliminate mosquitoes from making an appearance.

When temperatures begin to reach 7 degrees Celsius consistently, it’s time to break out your Outdoor DynaTrap® Insect Traps. Place your traps where you’ve noticed insect activity to effectively attract and trap mosquitoes. Remember to place the traps several meters away from any area you are using to prevent attracting them to where you are spending time. Otherwise, you may still experience wayward bites as they make their way toward the device before being trapped securely inside. If mosquitoes have found a way to invade the inside of your home, don’t worry. DynaTrap® offers a series of Indoor Traps that allow you to protect your home from these invaders.

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