Owner's Manuals

Where to find your P/N#
  DT1050CSTCA P/N# 2339 and Lower DT1050CSTCA Download
  DT1050CSTCA P/N# 2340 and Above DT1050CSTCA Download
  DT1100-CA HC, TUN, GR, TN, CP, ST, & DEC DT1100-CA Download
  DT1100-CA All Others DT1100-CA Download
  DT1210   DT1210 Download
  DT1260 Series P/N# 2309 and Lower DT1260 Series Download
  DT1260 Series P/N# 2310 and Above DT1260 Series Download
  DT150-CA   DT150-CA Download
  DT160-CA   DT160-CA Download
  DT2000XLP-CA   DT2000XLP-CA Download
  DT2000XLP-CA2B   DT2000XLP-CA2B Download

DT1200 Installation Instructions

Some models of the Dynatrap DT1200 require assembly by connecting the power cord using a quick-connect adapter. Some models have the cord simply fed through the pole stand and don’t require the use of the quick-connect adapter. Both instructions are mentioned below.

Power Cord Quick Connect Power Cord In Base