Owner's Manuals

Where to find your P/N#
  DT0500IN   DT0500IN Download
  DT3009 Black and White DT3009 Download
  DT3019 Black and White DT3019 Download
  DT3039 Black and White DT3039 Download
  DT1000 Pre-2014 Model DT1000 Download
  DT1000 12V Model DT1000 Download
  DT1050 Series P/N# 2339 and Lower DT1050 Series Download
  DT1050 Series P/N# 2340 and Above DT1050 Series Download
  DT1100 HC, TUN, GR, TN, CP, ST, & DEC DT1100 Download
  DT1100 All Others DT1100 Download
  DT1120 High Capacity Traps DT1120 Download
  DT1120 Decora Series DT1120 Download
  DT1125   DT1125 Download
  DT1200   DT1200 Download
  DT1210   DT1210 Download
  DT1250   DT1250 Download
  DT1260 Series P/N# 2309 and lLwer DT1260 Series Download
  DT1260 Series P/N# 2310 and Above DT1260 Series Download
  DT150 Series   DT150 Series Download
  DT160 Series   DT160 Series Download
  DT1750   DT1750 Download
  DT1775   DT1775 Download
  DT2000XL   DT2000XL Download
  DT2000XLP   DT2000XLP Download
  DT2020XLP Series High-Capacity Traps DT2020XLP Series Download
  DT2020XLP Series Decora Traps DT2020XLP Series Download
  DT205IN   DT205IN Download
  DT300IN   DT300IN Download
  DT3012   DT3012 Download
  DT3030   DT3030 Download
  DT600BR (only)   DT600BR (only) Download
  DT600 Series   DT600 Series Download
  DT700   DT700 Download
  DynaZap Extendable Zapper DynaZap Download

DT1200 Installation Instructions

Some models of the DynaTrap DT1200 require assembly by connecting the power cord using a quick-connect adapter. Some models have the cord simply fed through the pole stand and don’t require the use of the quick-connect adapter. Both instructions are mentioned below.

Power Cord Quick Connect Power Cord In Base
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