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At ElectroBraid®, our mission is to build safe and durable fences for horses, based on the advice and changing needs of our customers.


“Horses love ElectroBraid®!” That’s what our customers have been saying since we first introduced our permanent electric horse fence to the market. Specifically designed for horses, ElectroBraid® looks like a high-quality braided yachting rope with a double helix of copper wire conductors. It works as both a physical barrier and a psychological deterrent to keep horses secure. Equine veterinarians have named ElectroBraid® the safest fence for horses.

Horses are herd animals, born to roam free in wide-open spaces. With ElectroBraid® fence, all the horses can see each other and stallions can see their mares. ElectroBraid® is designed to manage horses through visual cues and corrective shocks if they test the pasture’s boundaries. Horses are far less likely to push against ElectroBraid® fencing after that first experience with an electrified fence.

In 2012, Woodstream Corp., which has had roots in Canada for over 150 years, became the exclusive worldwide provider of Novia Scotia-based ElectroBraid®. Woodstream Corp. has since expanded their product offerings, while still maintaining strong relationships with many Canadian retailers and distributors.

At ElectroBraid® we’ve designed our products with the needs of busy consumers in mind. Not only will all of our fencing supplies give you peace of mind, but with ElectroBraid®, you will also have a flexible fence system that’s great for your rotational grazing efforts. In just a few minutes, you can completely change the paddock your horses are using.


  • ElectroBraid® 1000 ft Checkered Reel – Use this highly visible braided polyrope to safely contain horses and other livestock. Featuring a double-helix copper design, ElectroBraid® delivers corrective shocks effectively to short-coated animals and keeps them from testing the fence again.
  • ElectroBraid® 4 Joule AC Low Impedance Charger – This 75-mile charger features brass terminals to prevent corrosion when attached to the copper lines of an ElectroBraid® fence system. This charger comes with a 3-year limited warranty that also includes protection from lightning damage.
  • ElectroBraid® Copper sectional Ground Rod Kit – Every electric fence system needs a ground rod, and this ElectroBraid® kit was created for ease of installation. Simply assemble the sectional pieces and drive your ground rod into any soil type!
  • ElectroBraid® Cut Off Switch – This convenient switch allows you to easily turn off or disconnect power to select fencing lines without adding time or labor to your day.


Q: How does ElectroBraid® work?

A: ElectroBraid® horse fencing is both a physical barrier and a psychological deterrent. The shock is extremely low amperage for 3/10,000th of a second, once a second. Once a horse receives a shock, it will not want to go near the fence again. The horse won’t rub against the fence, it won’t crib on it, and it won’t try to jump over it or go through it.

Q: What makes ElectroBraid® a safe horse fence?

A: There are no impact injuries, no sharp points or hard edges, no wires to cut or puncture, and no boards to break or splinter. Horses crib on board fences, and even minor cuts can become infected. The worst potential injury with ElectroBraid® is if a horse is able to wrap a strand of Braid™ completely around a rear leg and struggles. The prospect of such an accident can be virtually eliminated by wiring and grounding the fence correctly and by keeping the Braid™ taut. While surprising to the animal, the electric shock of ElectroBraid® is completely harmless.

Q: Can I use any energizer with ElectroBraid®?

A: Please ensure your energizer is low impedance and certified safe by UL or CSA. It is vital that you choose an energizer powerful enough to meet your needs. A simple rule of thumb is to match the length of your fence to 1/10th the energizer’s rating.

WARNING: Never use an energizer labeled “Weed Burner” or “Weed Chopper”. These energizers are unsafe and will cause damage to ElectroBraid® fences. ElectroBraid® uses pure copper, which is the third best electrical conductor after silver and gold. Copper is 70 times more conductive than stainless steel.

Q: Do I need to prevent weeds from growing around ElectroBraid®?

A: Yes. Growing grass does not significantly affect ElectroBraid®. The copper conductor is only a small percentage of the ElectroBraid® surface area; therefore, you don’t have to spend much time mowing under the fence. However, heavy, wet tuffs of grass, bushes or branches pressing against ElectroBraid® can drain power and cause loss of voltage. At least once per year, clear bushes, weeds and tree branches away from the immediate fence area.

Q: What type of electric fence posts does ElectroBraid® require?

A: You can use any type of fence post as long as the Braid™ is insulated. Most customers choose wooden fence posts – 6-inch diameter for ends and corners, and 3 to 4-inch diameter for line posts. Fiberglass fence posts do not require insulators. You can also use T-posts.

Q: How durable is ElectroBraid®?

A: The high-grade polyester fiber is the same fiber used in automotive seat belts and parachute harnesses. Polyester resists attack by ultraviolet light, salt, manure and most farm chemicals. The copper develops an oxidized outer layer, or patina, that protects the copper from corrosion. Based on independent laboratory tests, ElectroBraid® will not rust, rot, lose strength due to sunlight or weathering, or break as the result of a normal, permanent fence installation.

Q: Is ElectroBraid® a permanent, portable or temporary fencing option?

A: ElectroBraid® is versatile. It can stand alone as a permanent perimeter fence, or it can be used as a portable, temporary electric horse fence. You can also add ElectroBraid® to protect a board or wire mesh fence, or combine it with vinyl or pipe.

Q: How can ElectroBraid® be used to protect an existing horse fence?

A: Mount ElectroBraid® as a single strand on top of almost any fence. The psychological deterrence to horses is dramatic. Dell Hendricks, Top 10 Reigning Champion, had a stallion that regularly jumped his pipe and cable fence to couple with a neighbor’s mares. When he added a single strand of ElectroBraid®, the stallion never jumped the fence again.

NOTE: Don’t use cheap high tensile wire or polywire fence options – they are both unsafe to horses.

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