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Mosquito Magnet® strives to design innovative mosquito control solutions that can help consumers win the battle against persistent and potentially dangerous pests.


Mosquito Magnet® is the first carbon dioxide-based biting insect trap designed for commercial use and the first propane-powered mosquito trap for consumer use. Our original Counterflow Technology™ makes the traps unique, using a precise amount of carbon dioxide, heat, attractant and moisture while simultaneously vacuuming insects into a net. Today, Mosquito Magnet® is the leading biting insect trap and is the only long-term solution that is scientifically proven to effectively reduce mosquitoes and other biting insects.

Extensive evidence from independent research studies as well as data testimonials from the USDA, U.S. Army, Navy and Coast Guard, the Centers for Disease Control, numerous universities and state mosquito control agencies, health departments, and independent nationally-renowned entomologists around the world have verified the efficacy of Mosquito Magnet®.

  • Among the efficacy results published in over 36 scientific journals, the Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association stated the Mosquito Magnet® captured “significantly greater numbers of mosquitoes” than other commercially available traps tested, such as Coleman's Mosquito Deleto.
  • The Mosquito Magnet® was rated “top choice” for efficacy and ease-of-use by America’s leading consumer testing magazine.
  • In a mosquito-infested mangrove swamp in the Cayman Islands, the Mosquito Magnet® captured 7,161 mosquitoes – nearly 200 times more mosquitoes than Coleman’s Mosquito Deleto, which snared a whopping 37 bugs.

Mosquito Magnet® is one of several outstanding brands offered by Woodstream Corp., which has had a presence in Canada for over 150 years. Woodstream Corp. traces its origins to the mid-1800s when it began selling steel game traps to the Hudson Bay Company – a stepping-stone to generations of close relationships with many retailers and distributors. These days, Mosquito Magnet® CO2 mosquito traps are available at many Canadian retailers, including Lowes, Home Depot, Amazon and a number of other smaller retailers.

Ever since releasing the first trap, Mosquito Magnet® has been committed to developing new and more effective mosquito traps to help you win your battle against them and other biting insects. From our basic propane-powered traps to cordless units that allow for portability to innovative traps with smart technology, Mosquito Magnet® has a variety of offerings to suit every consumer’s precise needs


  • Mosquito Magnet® Executive Mosquito Trap – Introduce smart technology to your mosquito control efforts. This Executive Mosquito Trap features an LCD panel and user-friendly settings to help you eliminate mosquitoes with ease.
  • Mosquito Magnet® Patriot Plus Mosquito Trap – This simple electronic mosquito trap allows you to protect up to 1 acre from mosquitoes. The larger contained mosquito net captures more insects for less frequent emptying.
  • Mosquito Magnet® Independence Mosquito Trap – Offering a convenient cordless design, the Independence Mosquito Trap allows you to get the upper hand on mosquitoes anywhere around your property.
  • Mosquito Magnet® Octenol Attractant – The right attractant is essential to ensuring success for your Mosquito Magnet® device. In the northern U.S. and Canada, octenol increases the trap’s ability to lure and catch flying pests.


Q: What types of insects do Mosquito Magnet® traps catch?

A: The Mosquito Magnet® attracts and captures mosquitoes, black flies, no-see-ums and midges.

Q: Can I use natural gas with my Mosquito Magnet® trap instead of propane?

A: No. Mosquito Magnet® traps are designed to operate with propane. In cases where pure propane is not available, then a mix of propane and butane may be used. In no circumstance should natural gas be used.

Q: My Mosquito Magnet® trap is dripping water, is that normal?

A: Yes. The liquid you may see dripping from your unit is condensed water vapor. This is a byproduct of the catalytic conversion of propane and oxygen to carbon dioxide and water vapor. It is caused by atmospheric temperature differentials. This will not impede the operation of your unit in any way.

Q: When should I start my Mosquito Magnet® trap?

A: Blood-seeking insects such as mosquitoes and no-see-ums start becoming active when the temperature reaches 50 degrees for several consecutive days. Eggs will begin hatching and any adults that have survived the winter will become active as the weather warms up.

The closer the temperature gets to ideal (high 70s and 80s), the more active mosquitoes will become. Capturing the new insects before they begin populating your yard and laying more eggs is the best approach. Be sure to set up your mosquito trap before then.

Q: How long will a 20 lb tank of propane last?

A: A full 20 lb tank will last approximately 21 days. It is not recommended to let the propane completely run out. We recommend having a second full tank on-hand to swap to reduce downtime.

Q: Can a compressor be used to clear the lines?

A: The use of compressed air is NOT recommended and can damage the trap.


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