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As a leader in rodent control, Victor® is dedicated to offering effective control solutions to help consumers with their rodent problems, while protecting their family’s health.


Victor® is one of the leading brand names offered by Woodstream Corp., which traces its origins to Niagara Falls, Ontario as part of Oneida in the mid-1800s. Victor® got its start in Canada by selling steel game traps to the Hudson Bay Company over 150 years ago, before eventually expanding to rodent trapping in the early 1900s.

It was at this time that Victor® revolutionized the rodent control market with the invention of the spring-based Victor® Mouse Trap. Our original wooden snap trap is still the #1 selling mouse trap in the world! These days, consumers recognize Victor® as a leader in the rodent control category, offering a broad selection of quality rat and mouse control products at competitive prices.

At Victor® we continuously strive to create innovative, quality products that keep your family safe from the dangers rodents pose. While we still maintain our snap trap roots, we understand the evolving needs of the consumer. That’s why we branched out to develop rodent solutions with a more hands-free approach – electronic traps! Offering effortless cleanup, reusability, and easy-to-monitor catches, our electronic traps are designed with modern consumers in mind.

In addition to our traditional snap traps and unique electronic traps, we also offer a variety of other rodent control products to stop infestations, including glue traps, ultrasonic repellents, live rodent traps and gopher traps. So, whether you are attempting to prevent a rodent infestation or trying to fight one, Victor® has products to fit each and every situation.


  • Victor® Multi-Kill™ Electronic Mouse Trap – The Multi-Kill™ mouse trap is an electronic alternative to traditional mouse traps. Upon entering the trap, mice receive a humane, high-voltage shock for instant elimination. Mice can be disposed of simply by emptying the convenient collection drawer!
  • PestChaser® Pro Electronic Rodent Repellent – Electronic repellents use ultrasonic sound waves to irritate rodents without any disruption to you. Unlike poisons and chemicals, ultrasonic repellents are safe for use around non-rodent members of your household.
  • Victor® Metal Pedal Mouse Trap – The original wooden snap trap is the world’s #1 selling mouse trap. Its simple yet effective pedal design is the reason why it’s the trap of choice for professionals and property owners alike.
  • Rat Zapper® Classic Rat Trap – This easy-to-use trap effectively eliminates rat problems humanely, with little effort from you. The trap delivers a humane, high-voltage shock to kill rats instantly, and then displays a red light to indicate a kill.


Rat and Mouse Traps

Q: What are the benefits of electronic rat and mouse traps?

A: Electronic rodent traps are the quickest and easiest way to catch mice and rats. They are easy to use with no complicated setting and no poisons, chemicals or glue required. The high voltage shock kills mice humanely in seconds. Electronic rat traps provide a longer lasting high-voltage shock to ensure elimination of larger rodents. Their no-touch, no-see disposal makes them the ideal way to control your rodent problem.

Q: Where should I place my trap?

A: For best results, place traps along the wall near signs of rodent activity (look for droppings or grease trails). For rats, place traps out and unset for a few days so they can become familiar with it before setting it.

Q: The snap trap's bait was eaten but no rodent was caught. What do I do?

A: Try to use the least amount of bait possible in any style mouse trap used. The more bait you use, the easier it is for rodents to remove it without disturbing the traps. The goal is to have them apply extra force to the trigger pedal with their nose/tongue to remove the bait. To do this press a small amount of bait into the bait pedal. Additionally, by using nesting materials like a string, mice will need to tug on the material to free it from the trap.

Be sure to position the snap trap so that the baited end of each trap is placed perpendicular to the wall. Rodents generally travel with their bodies against a wall for protection. It may be necessary to bait a rat trap without setting it and allow the bait to be eaten a couple of times. Then set the trap with more bait. Rats tend to shy away from new objects so this method gets them accustomed to the trap. Mice are more inquisitive than rats, so pre-baiting is less likely to be needed.

Q: How do I free a mouse or pet’s paw from a glue trap?

A: The glue from all our traps can be removed easily. Liberally coat the glue on the paw with vegetable oil. The oil will dissolve the glue within a short period. You can remove the oily residue by washing with mild soap and warm water.

Ultrasonic Repellents

Q: How do ultrasonic frequencies affect rodents?

A: Ultrasound can repel rodents by subjecting them to intense auditory stress. This method is a classic animal behavior modification technique. Unlike traps and poisons, ultrasound does not kill rodents. The PestChaser® has the ability to provide long-term reductions in rodent populations by creating a "rodent-unfriendly" environment that discourages rodent infestations.

Q: Where should I place Ultrasonic units?

A: First, identify a room that has signs of rodent activity. Rodents are nocturnal creatures, which means they are rarely active during the daytime. Look for the signs of an infestation: chewing or gnaw marks, droppings, tracks and nests. Next, plug the unit into an outlet that is open to the rest of the room, not behind furniture where the sound waves may be blocked.

Hard surfaces reflect ultrasonic frequencies, while soft surfaces absorb them. In a room with mostly hard surfaces, like a kitchen, ultrasound will “bounce” around giving coverage that is more effective. The ideal placement would be one that allows the sound waves to cross in front of an entrance way.

Q: How long will it take to see results with Ultrasonic Repellents?

A: Allow 2 weeks for ultrasonic sound waves to affect pests with an established food source. For established infestations, it is also necessary for you to use baited traps to reduce the population.


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