Havahart® Large 2-Door Safe Release Live Animal Cage Trap

Model #: 998

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  • Patented hands-free time release door reduces stress for you and the animal
  • Easy 3-step release process: set timer, unlock latches and walk away
  • Designed for safe, humane catch and release of bobcats, raccoons, opossums small foxes and groundhogs
  • Constructed of sturdy rust-resistant wire mesh with steel reinforcements
  • Solid doors and handle guards protect users during transportation

Best used for:
Small foxes
Havahart® Large 2-Door Safe Release Live Animal Cage Trap

The Havahart® Large 2-Door Safe Release Trap is the latest in animal-trapping innovation. The patented time-release technology makes this trap the first of its kind, while still maintaining Havahart®’s standards for efficiency, reliability, and durability. This trap is easy to set and effectively traps a variety of animals including raccoons, opossums and groundhogs. Plus, the hands-free release is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

Safe Release Live Animal Cage Trap
timer action
Patented Time Release Door The Havahart® Safe Release Trap is the first ever trap with time-release capabilities! The timer can be set for up to 5 minutes, allowing you to be a safe distance away when the cage door opens. The animal can exit the trap without the user ever needing to come into direct contact with the catch. This hands-free release is the perfect solution for wary first-time trappers and seasoned users alike.
time release door
Easy 3 Step Release With the Havahart® Large 2-Door Safe Release Trap, releasing an animal has never been easier. Simply set the trap’s timer and unlock the latches on the release door. Then walk a safe distance away from the trap and wait for the timer to go off. Once the time is up, the cage door will automatically open to release the animal.
set timer
Set timer for up to 5 minutes
unlock latch
Unlock latch on release door
walk safe distance
Walk a safe distance away
handle guard
Reduces Stress for You And The Animal For You: A handle guard and solid doors protect you from coming into contact with the animal while it is inside the trap. The handle allows you to carry the trap away from your body during transport. Plus, the timed door means you can stand at a safe distance away from the trap as the animal is released from the cage. For The Animal: Strong door locks keep animals safely in the cage, and smooth, rolled edges prevent anxious critters from injuring themselves during transport.
trapped cat
simple and effective
Simple and Effective You don't have to be a pro to use the Havahart® Safe Release trap. Its simple design allows trappers of all experience levels to capture, transport and release animals with ease. Additionally, this trap features a fine-tuned trip mechanism to target critters of a specific weight range, eliminating false triggers. The spring-loaded doors ensure secure, fast trapping.
Two-Door Design for Higher Catch Rates The dual door function allows you to create a clear path from one end of the trap to the other by setting it with both ends open. Place the trap against a wall or along an animal’s path in order to capture it as it travels from either direction. In order to access the bait and get to the other opening, the animal must step on the trigger plate, resulting in a catch.
2 door design
Built to last
Built to Last Made with premium materials, Havahart® traps are designed to endure harsh weather and unpredictable animal behavior. The industrial strength, one-piece wire mesh construction is galvanized for maximum resistance to rust and corrosion, while solid doors and steel reinforcements add to the durability of the trap to ensure a long life for your trap.
Havahart® Large Safe Release Trap Product Detail Do you want to know more helpful details about the Large Safe Release Trap? Take a closer look at the in-depth specifications for this product. Complete Product Details »
Havahart ® Large Safe Release Trap
Model # 998
Dimensions 36 “ x 10” x 12”
Weight 12.75 lb
Door Type 2 Spring-loaded Doors
Release Mechanism 5 Minute Timer Release
Materials Galvanized steel; One-piece 12-Gauge Wire Mesh
Animals Raccoons, bobcats, opossums, groundhogs and small foxes
Our Guarantee Your satisfaction with our products is our top priority. Havahart® stands behind the quality of its traps with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.
Made in America
Proudly Made In America Havahart® traps have been proudly manufactured in the United States for over 75 years.
About Havahart® Havahart® has been a trusted name in wildlife control solutions for over 75 years. Since our early beginnings, we have prided ourselves on delivering caring control methods for wildlife by offering live animal traps, conscientious animal repellents and safe electronic solutions. We design every product with the consumer and wildlife in mind. From beginners to experts, Havahart® has the solutions you need. More About Havahart®»

Havahart Trap - Model #998

Model # 998
Dimensions 36" x 10" x 12"
Weight 12.75 lb
Door Type 2 Spring-loaded Doors
Release Mechanism 5 Minute Timer Release
Materials Galvanized Steel; One-Piece 12-Gauge Wire Mesh
Animals Raccoons, bobcats, opossums, groundhogs and small foxes

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Review posted on swww.woodstreambrands.ca
July 21, 2020
Will buy again. By Becky
Fantastic Trap, also own 1045 also a great trap. Just received new 1079 disappointed not nearly the quality. Wish I hade stayed with with either of the other two but too much trouble to send back. Guess every high quality company can make a Yugo once.
Review Rate
Review posted on swww.woodstreambrands.ca
July 17, 2019
Great! By John L.

Fast delivery and a great value. The trap worked as advertised and I'm happy with the product.

Review Rate
Review posted on swww.woodstreambrands.ca
August 7, 2018
Great By Sue

Yes, it was great.

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