Perky-Pet® Deluxe Chalet - 5 lb Seed Capacity, 2 - 12 oz Suet Cakes

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Feeding wild birds. This charming wooden feeder features both a seed feeding area and a suet cake holder at each end. Includes FREE 23” metal hook.
Perky-Pet® Deluxe Chalet

Perky-Pet® Deluxe Chalet

The Perky-Pet® Deluxe Chalet Wild Bird Feeder is a charming wood feeder which holds not only seed, but two suet cakes as well. The feeder can be hung or pole mounted for your convenience. The feeder is easy to fill and clean and is sure to keep birds happy all season long!

Wild Birds love:

  • A variety of fresh seed and suet
  • Plenty of feeding space
  • Overhang provides shelter and shade

You'll love:

  • Large seed capacity, includes two suet cake holders
  • Charming wood feeder
  • Hang or pole mount
  • Pure enjoyment and relaxation watching wild birds feeding is the top destination to find quality Wild Bird Feeders and Accessories. Perky-Pet® and K-Feeders wild bird products are trusted brands to bird lovers everywhere. Interact with nature, relax and build memories that last a lifetime by conveniently ordering from Happy Bird Feeding!


Perky-Pet® Deluxe Chalet - Specifications

This charming wooden feeder features both a seed feeding area and a suet cake holder at each end.

Product Features:

  • Wooden seed feeder with built-in suet cake holders
  • Feeder can be pole mounted with an adapter (adapter sold with the Perky-Pet® Universal Feeder Pole Model # 5107-4)

What's in the Box:

  • 1 Wild bird feeder
  • (1) 23” metal hanging hook


  • 5 lb seed capacity
  • 2 built-in suet cake holders

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Most Recent Customer Reviews

Review Rate
Review posted on
February 26, 2018
Great cedar feeder! By Andrea A

This is a well constructed cedar feeder. It looks attractive too. I just put it out two days ago and the birds are starting to notice it!

Review Rate
Review posted on
August 27, 2017
One of my favorites By Angela in the Rockies

I have owned a few of these feeders. I make three modifications when I get them. 1) I cut and staple ( and silicon) pieces of wood to enclose the ends where the suet holders are. Otherwise, the seed falls out. 2) I replace the rope with steel cable with cable ties and make a loop with cable tie to ensure it doesn't slip out of the feeder. The rope makes me nervous about coming undone or rotting. 3) I attach branches to the underside to stick out and let the birds of all sizes land on them. I drill holes in the branches and put the screws inside the hopper area from underneath. The birds love this and many more can land and get "in line" for the seeds and suet. Having a suet holder on each end keeps it level. I really like these feeders.

Review Rate
Review posted on
January 11, 2017
OK By BirdyK

The first one of these feeders I purchased fell off the hook and the plexiglass panels both cracked. Company replaced it / no hassle about it. The feeder itself loses a lot of seed from the 2 troughs and when it rains/snows the seed in the trays gets wet and clogs. Grrrr. Also neither one hangs right. Always a bit crooked no matter how or where it is hung up. I much prefer the large mesh/cling feeders but unfortunately, not all birds can use them. I do like the dual holders on the sides as I put homemade suet blocks in one and the other, I put whole in shell peanuts. This is why I rate a 3 star. Next time I will go for one that is better designed.

Response From Woodstreambrands
Lauren : Consumer Relations Representative

We apologize for this experience and are glad that our team was able to provide a replacement for you.

Feedback from customers is valuable to us, as we are always looking to improve our products. This will be shared with our Product Manager.  Feel free to contact our Consumer Relations Team at 1-855-PERKYPET (1-855-737-5973) for any additional assistance needed.

Review Rate
Review posted on
March 14, 2011
Review Posted on By
This is a great feeder and I highly recommend it to anyone. It holds plenty of seeds and is easily filled with the roof lifting off. The side suet feeders are a favorite of my visiting birds and the over hanging roof protects it from the elements. It is easy to clean and maintain. I have another one on the way to double my bird feeding/watching pleasure.
Review Rate
Review posted on
October 12, 2010
Review Posted on By
I think it looks better in person, than in the picture. Very sturdy and the cedar is a nice thickness. Not cheaply made by any means. Should last a long time. The sides to hold the suet are not flimsy, but solid. It's not small, so I think it will hold up nicely in the winter. Great quality and worth it for the price.
Review Rate
Review posted on
March 22, 2010
Review Posted on By
This is the best feeder that I've found. I can see if it needs filled from my kitchen window, 50 feet away. It is easy to fill, holds a lot of seed and birds can eat from all sides at once.
Review Rate
Review posted on
July 14, 2009
Review Posted on By
Bought this for my grandson,he collects them in his backyard,its a great gift for kids . He is 4 and its fun for him to use and easy to fill.
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All About Wild Birds

Wild birds are so common to us that we often glance at them without a second thought. When we really look at them, observe them and enjoy their special qualities, we can truly appreciate some of nature's amazing creatures.

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Wild Bird Feeders - Expert Tips

Hanging Your Feeder

  • Ideally a sheltered southeastern exposure location is best for hanging bird feeders since birds like to feed in the sun and out of the wind. Birds also prefer not to have any obstructions over their feeding area so they can see any predators. more»


  • Bird Baths - A clean and reliable water source is an excellent way to attract birds to your yard, especially those birds that do not necessarily eat seed or nectar. All birds will seek out a water supply, not only for drinking but also for keep themselves clean and healthy.
  • Bird Houses - These are a good way to attract those species of birds that nest in holes. These structures should be made of an untreated wood (pine, cedar, etc.) and should have ventilation and drainage holes. It should be durable, and easy to check and clean. more»

Feeder Care

  • Keeping your feeder clean and full of fresh bird seed is very important to the health of visiting birds. It is recommended that you clean your wild bird feeder every two weeks. more»

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are the most popular bird seeds to use?

A: Black Oil Sunflower Seed is the most popular bird seed. It is much smaller than the traditional sunflower seed and best for those birds with smaller bills, such as the sparrow, junco and goldfinch. This seed is accepted by the greatest variety of birds.

Mixed Seed is also popular. It is best to buy the mixes that contain white proso millet, a tiny cream colored seed with a shiny shell. Mixes containing finely cracked corn and black oil sunflower are also preferred by a large number of birds.

Niger (Thistle Seed) is imported from Africa and Asia. Niger won't germinate, but it does have a tendency to become moldy due to lack of air circulation. If you notice mold on the seed, it must be removed from the feeder and the feeder must be cleaned thoroughly.

Q: How do I clean my bird feeders?

A: Before filling your feeder with fresh seed, it is recommended that the following precautions are taken:

  1. Remove all old seed.
  2. Soak feeder in water.
  3. Scrub feeder and allow to air dry.
  4. Rake and remove accumulated hulls and droppings from underneath the feeders.
  5. Spread mulch (bark or wood) under the feeder, replace mulch when soiled.
  6. Thoroughly wash hands after handling and cleaning feeders.

Q: What is the importance of providing water for wild birds?

A: Wild birds need fresh, clean water just as much as they need seed. Birds stay healthy by using water not just for drinking, but also for bathing, cleaning their feathers and to remove parasites. Waterers are better options than bird baths because they provide birds with fresh, clean water that prevents dirt and debris from contaminating it. In hotter climates or seasons, providing water for birds makes it easy for them to have access to a water source and retain their energy. By adding a water source, you also can attract a larger variety of birds to your yard. You may even attract more colorful birds that don't eat seed, but are in need of water!

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