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Perky-Pet® Squirrel-Be-Gone® III Wild Bird Feeder - 8 lb Seed Capacity

Perky-Pet® Squirrel-Be-Gone® III Wild Bird Feeder - 8 lb Seed Capacity

Product Review (submitted on February 3, 2020):

Have have had these bird feeders for many years now and only feed sunflower seeds. I have mine on a galvanized pipe, (a pipe screws into the base ) the smaller pipe slips inside the larger pipe for removal as we also have deer. First, grease the stationary pole with axle grease, second push all the metal leaves in tight so the squirrels cannot chew the plastic seed baffles when the frame has dropped down, third adjust the springs so that they drop when a squirrel is on the feeding rack. I have made an outer perimeter chicken wire "fence" that is installed on the feeder to keep out the pigeons. The sparrows and small birds can go through the holes. This is a circular piece of wood, a hole, drilled in the center same size as the cap nut. The wire is stapled on the rim of the 1/2 inch wood. Wire hangs down full length of the feeder. Outside diameter depend on what size birds you allow at the feeder. Base of the feeder is about 5 feet high due to deer. Red Wing Blackbirds can get in it but they don't like it due to the wire they would just as soon eat the fallen seed below with the squirrels. Although seasonal, Gross Beaks are notorious for sloshing the seed out of the feeder onto the ground. That's OK, that limits the amount of seed for the the squirrels, blackbirds, doves and quail. At the peak of the season, I need to fill this every 2-1/2 days. Every 3-1/2 days now (in February).

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