Perky-Pet® Daisy Vase Vintage Glass Bird Waterer

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  • Traditional vase style glass bottle
  • Blue with luster finish
  • Wide mouth opening for easy filling and cleaning
  • Unique circular perch design
  • 18 oz water capacity
Perky-Pet Daisy Vase Vintage Bird Waterer

Perky-Pet® Daisy Vase Vintage Bird Waterer

All birds need water, even birds that don’t eat bird seed. By adding a water source, you’ll attract a larger variety of feathered visitors, including colorful birds like warblers and bluebirds that may not eat from bird feeders. Provide backyard birds with a fresh, clean water source by adding the Perky-Pet® Daisy Vase Vintage Bird Waterer to your bird feeder collection.

The traditional vase style glass bottle has a beautiful, blue luster finish giving it a unique sheen just like a pool of fresh water. The delicate embossed details surrounding the neck and top of the bottle offer added elegance to this antique style waterer.

18 oz Capacity & Circular Perch—The brushed nickel base features a circular wrap-around perch so birds can comfortably sit and drink from anywhere they choose. With a 18 oz water capacity, you will have plenty of room for bird visitors stopping by for a drink! Use the attached metal hanger to place your waterer near your other bird feeders, so birds can easily locate the fresh water source.

Easy to Use Wide Mouth Opening—To fill your waterer, simply unscrew the bottle from the base, fill with water, replace the base and invert the waterer to create a tight vacuum seal. The necessary amount of water will be dispensed to keep the tray consistently full with clean water. Filling and cleaning are super simple with the convenient wide mouth opening. Be sure to change your water every few days, and clean thoroughly every 2 weeks.

Wild birds love:

  • Fresh, clean water source 
  • Comfy wrap-around perch 
  • Consistently full and clean waterer

You'll love:

  • Ease of filling 
  • Ease of cleaning 
  • Stylish, vintage look this waterer will add to your yard 
  • Attracting a larger variety of birds by adding a water source
Perky-Pet® Daisy Vase Vintage Glass Bird Waterer
Model # 8136-2
Style Traditional vase style glass bottle
Wide Mouth Opening for easy filling and cleaning
Perch Unique circular perch design
Capacity 18 oz water capacity

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