Zareba® White 1/2 Inch Polytape

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  • 1/2 in. Polytape
  • Highly visible to horses and other animals
  • 656-feet (200 meter) spool
  • Contains 5 strands of electrical conductors
  • Note this is not designed to function under extreme tension and must be used in conjunction with a permanent fence

Zareba® 1/2 inch Polytape

This fence wire is excellent for containing your horses since it makes it easier for both you and the horses to see the fence.

Our Zareba® 1/2 Inch Polytape - 656 Feet (200 Meters) is ideal for equine fencing since it is more visible than traditional wire. Contains 5 strands of electrical conductors and has a breaking load of 150 lb.

You may also need polytape insulators and a polytape to fence charger connector to complete your project.

  • Polytape is highly visible to horses and other animals
  • 656 ft (200m) spool of polytape
  • Woven with 5 strands of electrical conductors
  • Breaking load of 150 lb
  • Lightweight weave makes it easy to install, repair and splice
  • Zareba® polytape will not rust

Zareba® is the largest manufacturer of electric fence systems offering durable, reliable electric fence products for all of your animal fencing needs.

Zareba® 1/2 Inch Polytape
Model # PT656WH-Z
Line Length 656 Ft (200 Meters)
Line Width 1/2 Inch

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