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Mosquito Magnet® is the leading biting insect trap with over 65% share in the consumer/residential market and is the only long-term solution that is scientifically proven to effectively reduce mosquitoes and other biting insects.

  • First carbon dioxide-based biting insect trap for commercial use
  • First propane-powered mosquito trap for consumer use
  • Lurex3™, the first and only EPA-approved attractant specifically formulated to capture the invasive Asian Tiger Mosquito, a known carrier of West Nile Virus
  • Patented cartridges to gradually release measured amount of attractants, an advanced design to ensure cartridge replacement and propane refilling are synchronized
  • Invented the Counterflow technology™, designed to emit a precise amount of carbon dioxide, heat, octenol and humidity, while simultaneously vacuuming insects into a net, taking advantage of the mosquito’s instinct to turn upwards as it approaches the trap

Extensive evidence from independent research studies as well as data testimonials from the USDA, U.S. Army, Navy and Coast Guard, the Centers for Disease Control, numerous universities and state mosquito control agencies, health departments, and independent nationally-renowned entomologists around the world have verified the efficacy of the Mosquito Magnet® product.

  • Among the efficacy results published in over 36 scientific journals, the Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association stated the Mosquito Magnet® captured “significantly greater numbers of mosquitoes” than other commercially available traps tested, such as Coleman's Mosquito Deleto, the Mosquito Deleto caught 37
  • The Mosquito Magnet® was rated “top choice” for efficacy and ease-of-use by America’s leading consumer testing magazine
  • In a mosquito infested mangrove swamp in the Cayman Islands, the Mosquito Magnet® captured 7,161 mosquitoes—nearly 200 times more mosquitoes than Coleman’s Mosquito Deleto, which caught 37
  • At the USDA’s Wildlife refuge on Atsena Otie Key, FL, Mosquito Magnets® were placed along a walking trail, creating an effective “barrier” over more than 20 acres

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